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FleetWeather - 24/7/365 meteorological services

Optimize Fleet Operations with Accurate Weather Forecasting and Routing

FleetWeather, now a part of Pole Star Global, is a leading provider of expert weather routing, charter party compliance, and claims guidance services to fleets worldwide. With a dedicated 24/7/365 meteorological team and over five decades of experience, FleetWeather ensures safe and efficient maritime operations.

These comprehensive services are seamlessly integrated into Pole Star's Podium platform, a uniquely customizable, modular-based maritime insight solution. FleetWeather powers the platform's Forecasting, Charter Party Compliance, and Route Optimization modules (which is also supported by Theyr's cutting-edge AI-based T-VOS solution).

Leveraging advanced technology and a wealth of expertise, FleetWeather empowers fleets to navigate challenges with precision, maximize operational efficiency, and maintain compliance with utmost confidence.

Precise Weather Routing and Forecasting for Optimal Voyages

FleetWeather combines the most accurate meteorological and oceanographic data with proprietary algorithms and expertise from skilled meteorologists, oceanographers, and master mariners. Our advisory services enable clients to:

  • Save time and fuel
  • Reduce emissions
  • Optimize planning and maintain accurate ETAs
  • Ensure crew, vessel, and cargo safety

Unbiased Claims Analysis and Voyage Reconstructions

For decades, FleetWeather has helped clients raise or defend against speed and consumption claims. Our reports, based on London Arbitration Awards and Case Law, provide definitive numbers, accurate data, and concrete evidence for enhanced support.

Ensure Charter Party Compliance with Custom Reporting

FleetWeather's exclusive segmented performance analysis enhances accuracy with custom reporting down to the hour. Our systems and analysts adhere strictly to charter party terms, providing trusted data for:

  • Multiple warrants
  • Benchmarks based on draft
  • Consumption values based on activities other than propulsion

With continuous en-route, post-voyage reporting, and 24/7 support, you can stay compliant throughout the voyage, not just afterwards.

Leverage FleetWeather's services on the Podium5 Voyage Informatics Platform, integrating fleet monitoring, regulatory compliance, performance analytics, and voyage optimization into one flexible solution. Visit podium5.com for more information.

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