Customer Support Representative


About this job

We are looking for a Customer Support Representative to join our team. The aim is to provide customers and distributors with excellent customer support at all times. This primarily relates to training on Pole Star products and giving assistance on all variety of queries as required. The role also includes the responsibility of ensuring customer’s satisfaction by liaising closely with the sales, finance, product and development teams to create a first-class customer experience.

Our services cover a broad and dynamic industry with exposures to maritime trade and we would be very interested in applicants with previous maritime, banking, trade and supply chain related customer services experience to apply.

Key Responsibilities

Respond to customer issues

Proactively engage customers

Contribute to Customer Support team and other teams


We are looking for an individual who is:


Pole Star Space Applications is a leading provider of ship-centric tracking, monitoring, compliance, and risk management services. We are a small team in Singapore but a global area of activity providing services and business applications to a broad industry which includes Shipping and Offshore, Governments and Maritime Administrations, Financial sector including Banks, Insurance, Commodity and Trade financing as well as other areas of industry that has exposures to maritime trade and Shipping. 


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