6th Capital Link Operating Excellence in Shipping Forum

This IMarEST-hosted forum will explore how CSR can translate into tangible commercial, operational and financial competitive advantages.

With greater industry sophistication, awareness, and expectations, CSR is an increasingly important issue that companies cannot afford to ignore. The objective of IMarEST, then, is to create a platform that raises the visibility of CSR in the shipping and offshore industries on a permanent and long-term basis.

IMarEST publicises the benefits of CSR not only to a wider audience of professionals in these industries, but also to the investment and financial communities. They aim to become a centralized informational source and communications platform on the topic of CSR, linking industry, government and non-governmental organizations, industry associations, the financial and investment community, and the public at large.

The IMarEST is an international membership body and learned society that brings marine engineers, marine scientists and marine technologists together into one multi-disciplinary professional body.


If you would like to attend, you can register for the event here.


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