Enhancing Inter-Agency Cooperation Throughout the Hemisphere to Counter Transnational and Transregional Threats

This established forum moves around the region each year and we are delighted to be hosted by Panama in 2017. The conference traditionally brings together ministers, chiefs of defence, service chiefs, law-enforcement officials, and diplomatic personnel to discuss security capacity building and structures of cooperation within the region and sub-regions.

The key theme for 2017 is inter-agency cooperation with particular application to transnational and transregional threats. Counter-Terrorism; Counter-Narcotics; Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief; and protecting national Exclusive Economic Zones.

The forum is seem as a great place for the various military and government agencies in the region to work and interact with most of their critical partners. Equally, the conference brings senior level industry participation who work with partners throughout the hemisphere.

If you are in the business of addressing the challenges in the region from a networked focused perspective rather than dealing with individual problem sets this conference is for you. You will meet valuable new contacts in agencies throughout the region, and we will help you enhance and build the network you need to counter the networked threats we face.


Pole Star are excited to sponsor CABSEC 2017 in partnership with ORBCOMM and Weatherdock. You can read the full agenda and register for the event here.



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