GTR Tradetech Forum Hong Kong 2018

Pole Star is pleased to sponsor the GTR Tradetech Forum in Hong Kong on June 11, 2018.

Formerly the GTR Asia Trade & Supply Chain Finance Conference, GTR’s annual event in Hong Kong has evolved into the GTR Asia Tradetech Forum for 2018.

With businesses in China and the wider Asia region increasingly improving their efficiency in moving products and services up the value chain and as the process of trade digitalisation continues to grow apace, this forum will track some of the latest developments and consider their implications for the traditional trade finance community.

Bringing together a host of trade experts and new industry disrupters, the agenda for the day will highlight a range of pressing issues, prevalent trends and showcase some of the latest technological developments impacting on the market, providing an ideal networking and knowledge building forum for anyone involved in Asian trade.

The day will conclude with the latest in GTR’s Women in Trade Finance seminar series, the first to be held for the Asian market.

To register for the event, Click Here.


Who is Attending?