Regulation and Compliance in Trade Finance

This high-level event will gather some of the trade finance industry's leading professionals to discuss regulatory trends - both in the regulatory capital and financial crime fields - which have had a major impact on the financing of trade in recent years.

Leveraging the ICC Academy's position as the leading education provider for trade professionals, the conference will include practical sessions on how banks and corporates can best manage increasing regulatory compliance risks.

Compliance in the finance sector is now more important than ever. The increasing burden of regulatory compliance means more challenging times for banks and corporates. This event provides high-quality training for trade professionals on how to manage risks and ensure maximum operational efficiency.

Simon Ring is Pole Star's Global Head of Financial Markets, and is based in London. He will be speaking on the evolution of sanctions compliance at 2:45pm.

Sanctions programs are undergoing significant changes with some being eliminated or changed dramatically. How are these changes impacting the sanctions screening process of banks, and are further changes needed to adapt to this constantly changing environment? Hear from industry experts on how they think sanctions are evolving and how political changes are impacting sanctions.

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