SEACEN - MAS FinTech Course

Hosted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the SEACEN-MAS FinTech Course for ASEAN regulators and central bankers provides an arena for in-depth discussions on FinTech, potential areas of application for new technologies, challenges and risks.

Banks and financial institutions operating in SEACEN Members’ economies are not immune to the spate of disruption storming across the financial landscape. Policymakers and regulators in the region have taken a proactive approach to the FinTech phenomenon by establishing focus groups, and in some cases regulatory sandbox. Access and inclusion presents enormous opportunities but equally, there are new challenges and risks.

The SEACEN-MAS FinTech Course will provide the opportunity for participants to develop a better understanding of the FinTech ecosystem. The Course is geared towards participants who are working on policy or other matters relating to FinTech as well as those who have more than a general interest in financial technology disruption.

At 10.10am, Amanda Northey from Pole Star will be presenting our FinTech solution followed by Q&A as part of the Sharing Session for FinTech companies. During the networking session from 11am, Amanda can be found at our demo booth.  

For more information on the event, visit the SEACEN Centre website.

Who's attending