ISAT M2M End of Life: Does your hardware need replacing?

Inmarsat, with Orbcomm (previously Skywave), have announced the withdrawal of the IsatM2M satellite service with an end-of life date of 31 December 2020.

To ensure service continuity, all tracking and telemetry services including Ship Security Alert Systems using associated DMR-800 transceiver hardware must be replaced and upgraded to operate over the latest and higher-performance IsatData Pro satellite service before this date.

To aid your migration path, the table below will help guide your upgrade options. Please select the relevant hardware replacement option below for more information.

Affected Hardware 

Replacement Hardware
Skywave DMR-800 (for general tracking) ST 6100
Skywave DMR-800 (for LRIT compliance) Sirius One
Pole Star DSAS Mk1 (for SSAS compliance) DSAS Mk2 

To assist with the financial burden of migrating to new units, we are pleased to offer an early bird discount for both current and new clients who order their devices before 30 October 2019. 

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