MRV Compliance by Pole Star

MRV deadlines begin August 2017 - are you prepared? Pole Star has developed an MRV solution to ensure compliance, confidence, and efficiency for shipping companies affected by this new legislation.


MRV Regulation



MRV is designed to progressively integrate maritime emissions into the EU’s existing policy for reducing domestic greenhouse gas emissions. Ship owners and operators are required to annually monitor, report and verify their CO2 emissions.

Shipping companies will need to prepare a monitoring plan by 31 August 2017, and will receive confirmation of compliance when the first annual report has been satisfactorily verified and sent by the end of April 2019, and the results will be publicly published.

Since 1998 Pole Star have served the maritime industry, and are ideally positioned as the enterprise provider of choice to ensure regulatory compliance and fuel efficiency savings trough the adoption of our MRV compliance solution.








What do you need to do?




Don't ignore it.

MRV isn't going away, and there are some hefty consequences for noncompliance! 
Find a trusted organisation to partner with and ensure action is taken as soon as possible.


Don't panic.

Becoming MRV compliant doesn't need to be an overwhelming task.
With the right technology partner, you can have the requirements built right into your noonday reports. Simple!


Get moving.

The sooner you start getting organised, the sooner you can rest easy - so register your interest today.




What is the Pole Star MRV solution?



Tried and tested, the Pole Star MRV solution does so much more than simply meeting the minimum requirements for EU compliance. We are working with some of the biggest names in shipping to continuously broaden the scope of our MRV solution, ensuring all our customers are protected against future developments in environmental legislation.


MRV Compliance by Pole Star is:

  • independently verified
  • incorporated into your noonday reporting
  • automatically validated
  • fast and easy to set up

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MRV Deadlines:



31st August 2017 Deadline for the submission of your Monitoring Plan to your verifier
Pole Star can help you develop your Monitoring Plan - contact us to learn more
31st December 2017 Deadline for the successful assessment of the Monitoring Plan by your verifier
1st January 2018 Start of first monitoring period
31st December 2018 End of first monitoring period
30th April 2019 Deadline to provide a final verified emissions report to the Commission
30th June 2019 Need to carry Document of Compliance on board each ship



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