Pole Star Celebrates London International Shipping Week 2017

Thousands of leaders across all sectors of the global shipping industry attended more than 160 official events during London International Shipping Week in September 2017. Pole star hosted two events, a cruise on the Thames and a showcase of current and future maritime technology developments.

London has been a maritime centre for centuries, and the response to London International Shipping Week in 2017 proves that in little has changed! Only now the photos are in colour, there are more women around, and the value of life is higher – we’re using technology to increase safety of life at sea and take care of the environment, as well as to protect from international trade sanctions breaches. All in all, very valuable improvements.

Ah, what a week! We all had an amazing time. We’re so glad you could join us – from customers, to partners, to new contacts, you’re all so welcome to join us again next year!


Pole Star Thames Cruise


The best way to experience London’s most impressive landmarks – both modern and historical – is undeniably from the Thames.

We were very lucky with the weather, cruising by Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast, The Shard, and many more breathtaking views. We will be serving prosecco and 5-star catering on the sunny upper deck, or if you prefer, come downstairs to enjoy the cruise from the cosy lower deck; with a fully-stocked bar and music provided for your entertainment.

Whenever we travel on business, we often end up seeing little more than hotel rooms and the inside of conference rooms. That's why we wanted to give our guests - especially international visitors - a truly authentic London experience.


Pole Star Maritime Technology Roadshow


Today, Pole Star is setting new standards of excellence in the shipping, offshore, financial markets, and government sectors; and we were pleased to welcome our guests from London International Shipping Week for an exclusive keynote presentation, hot-off-the-press announcements, and a catered reception at a world-class venue - not to be outdone by the views from our cruise - overlooking Southbank and the Thames.

Showcasing our most exciting new developments and partnerships, The Pole Star Maritime Technology Roadshow was a must-attend event for delegates affected by increasing regulatory requirements, efficiency challenges, and financial compliance risk. We demonstrated new hardware, software applications, and planned development in blockchain technology, cybersecurity, and more.

Thank you all for coming to our events - we had a wonderful week and are already looking forward to 2019. Pole Star have proudly served the maritime sector for 20 years, and we have exciting plans for the future. Watch this space for follow-up content summarising our keynote address, and be sure to register below for future events!

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