Where's PurpleTRAC?

We're making a few changes to reduce confusion around our products and services, and to ensure our customers know that we're all from the same organisation.

 We're still here!


Here at Pole Star, we’ve had a number of legacy products under our old naming convention - which included the use of the word "Purple." Most famously our original ship tracking platform named PurpleFinder, and recently, our sanctions screening and compliance RegTech solution named PurpleTRAC.

Today our branding looks a little different. All of our products and services have self-explanatory names under the same Pole Star brand, to avoid confusion and ensure that our customers know that we are all from the same organisation.

This also reflects our commitment to cross-product technological consistency. With one powerful API underpinning our upcoming developments, it makes sense that you know exactly what foundation your software is built on.

Rest assured that you are dealing with exactly the same product, the same service, the same company, and the same team.





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