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2021 in Review

As 2022 approaches, we review the investments, appointments, awards, and key partnerships that Pole Star has formed throughout yet another out-of-the-ordinary year. We look at the key milestones that have not only shaped Pole Star’s 2021, but also demonstrated the company’s progress and paved the way for further expansion and acceleration.


  • Pole Star signed The Neptune Declaration: Global industry leaders, including Pole Star, signed The Neptune Declaration on Seafarer Wellbeing and Crew Change in a worldwide call-to-action to end the crew change crisis caused by Covid-19.





  • Pole Star acquired Vasanda: Pole Star strengthened its sustainability agenda for commodity transactions and its work towards an end-to-end solution for compliance and sustainability risk by acquiring a controlling stake in Vasanda.




  • Pole Star celebrated Customer Service Week: Pole Star recognised the vital role that its Customer Support team play in the success of the company, as well as the operational resilience that the team demonstrated throughout the pandemic.



Despite ongoing challenges globally, Pole Star has remained a resilient and reliable solution provider for our clients, and has expanded and developed in areas far beyond our original reach. With sustainability and ESG trends emerging, and the need for transparency throughout the maritime supply chain reaching greater levels year on year, we are proud to say that our solutions continue to be improved and developed in line with industry requirements, while preempting those that are yet to come.

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