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Day of the Seafarer 2019: I Am On Board With Gender Equality

Day of the Seafarer not only acknowledges the invaluable work of seafarers, but also aims to bring attention to the issues affecting their work and lives.

2019 has seen a strong emphasis throughout the maritime world on the importance and value of women within the professional ranks.

Much of this is being driven by this year’s World Maritime Day theme; Empowering Women in the Maritime Community. Both Day of the Seafarer and World Maritime Day 2019 provide opportunities to highlight the contributions women are making in a wide range of maritime careers and professions.

It is for this reason that this year’s theme for the Day of the Seafarer is “I am on board with gender equality”.

A few months ago, we signed the Women in Maritime Pledge.

In doing so, we wanted to make clear our support for creating positive change within our organisation, and collectively, across the UK maritime sector. As a signatory, we are committed to building an employment culture that actively supports and celebrates gender diversity, at all levels, throughout our organisation, and our industry."

Pole Star is proud to be a signatory of the Women in Maritime Pledge, encouraging the creation of a workforce who not only believe in, but actively fight for gender equality both while at Pole Star and long after they leave.