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GTR Asia 2019

3rd - 4th September 2019  |  9:00 am - 5:00 pm  |  Singapore

Pole Star is pleased to be attending and sponsoring this year’s GTR Asia, in partnership with Dow Jones Risk & Compliance.

Celebrating their 10th anniversary, GTR Asia is the world’s largest international trade and technology gathering, exploring a variety of topics around the Asian and global markets.

Simon Ring, Pole Star’s Global Head of Regulatory Technologies, and Ingrid Verschuren, Senior Vice-President, Data Strategy at Dow Jones will be participating in a panel discussion called:

‘KYC campfire: Are crime and compliance challenges now more confusing than ever?’

The panel will explore how financial crime and the increasing complexity of know your customer (KYC) regulations continue to pose problems for banks and the financing of trade.

Topics of discussion will include:

● How has the face of trade finance crime changed? What are the new risks and how can banks protect themselves?
● Are too many banks playing it safe and not doing deals for fear of not meeting diligence standards? Is an overhaul of processes needed in some cases?
● How damaging has the reduction in correspondent banking relationships proved? To what extent has this been a reaction to KYC, AML and antiterrorist financing legislation?
● To what extent is local interpretation of regulations a key issue? Do those on the ground need a greater degree of autonomy?

Moderator: Kai Fehr, Global Head, International Trade Services, Wells Fargo
Graham Bright, Head of Compliance & Operations, Euro Exim Bank
Tod Burwell, President & Chief Executive Officer, BAFT
Simon Ring, Global Head of Financial Markets Compliance, Pole Star
Ingrid Verschuren, Senior Vice-President, Data Strategy, Dow Jones

As sponsors of the day’s lunch, we will also be briefly addressing the audience at the end of the morning session before lunch.

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Pole Star and Dow Jones Risk & Compliance have partnered to bring a more complete view of the regulatory risks faced by organizations involved in maritime trade.

Dow Jones’ trade compliance solution enables companies to assess risk with regard to dual-use goods, trade counterparties, vessels and sanctioned cities and ports. It provides coverage of all major export control regimes, including the Wassenaar Arrangement, the Chemical Weapons Convention and U.S. Commerce Control List.

The partnership enables users of Dow Jones’ trade compliance solution to access additional intelligence for vessel screening and monitoring via Pole Star’s award-winning PurpleTRAC software. PurpleTRAC provides a vessel’s complete voyage history and screening checks for advanced auditing.

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