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Introducing Pole Star’s Customer Success Team

As we continue to scale at Pole Star, we are focusing on finding industry-leading ways to give our customers the best experience and keep their goals at the forefront of our business.

With that in mind, we would like to introduce our Customer Success team; the dedicated problem solvers and seasoned industry champions that will be the liaison between our customers and the rest of Pole Star.

The team will provide customers with faster access to information, solutions, and services, no matter which department is responsible for them. They will be their primary point of contact and own the feedback loop between product, sales, and support to ensure our customer’s objectives are being quickly and seamlessly.

Who are the Customer Success Managers?

From left to right: Gilbert Chau, Maura Massana, Amilcar Fernandez, Lorenzo Morales, Sara Cheung, and James Martin.

What is the team responsible for?

  • Solving customer problems quickly & efficiently
  • Acting as the primary liaison across different teams
  • Owning the product feedback loop
  • Guiding onboarding & account setup
  • Conducting regular account reviews
  • Ensuring that customers are fully utilising the platform
  • Providing notice of & facilitating the renewals process
  • Providing product training with the Support team
  • Responding to account management queries

“Launching the Customer Success team is a key step in Pole Star’s growth. Opening up the conversations between our customers and our teams provides us with invaluable insights into how they operate, how they use our products, and what their future requirements are”, says Emma McRedmond, Global Head of Customer Support & Success.

“I’d like to thank the team for their continuous hard work and open-minded approach to building this new function. Every single one of them brings a unique skill set and subject matter expertise to the team, making each of them truly valuable to both the company and our customers. We’re incredibly excited to hit the ground running with Customer Success and know that our customers will reap the benefits fully”.

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