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PSP Tracking App for Android Now Available

We are pleased to announce that the PSP Tracking app is now available for Android. The PSP Tracking mobile app was initially released in February 2019 for iPhone only. Since its release, the Pole Star team has worked on delivering an Android version to cater to all our clients.

The app will provide all Pole Star Platform customers with greater working flexibility by integrating vessel tracking services from their central desktop application on smartphones and tablet devices.

With this new app, we hope to continue helping our clients' operations run smoothly by delivering detailed actionable intelligence. On the PSP Tracking app, users can:

  • Easily log in using PSP platform credentials
  • View ships under accounts or sub-accounts on a map or in list view
  • Select a specific ship and view its movement history and details
  • Change the device's reporting frequency (with relevant permissions)
  • Choose from different map types as the base layer
  • Enable weather layers in map view
  • Mirror the display on a TV monitor
  • Easily view SSAS/AIS non-reporting ships on a map or list
  • Configure select features (eg. global ship trail length, vessel label)

The app is currently available to all in Beta mode. As such, we welcome any feedback you may have. Feedback can be submitted here or via the built-in feedback tool on the app.

The app is free of charge, and available via the Google Play store under the name PSP Tracking, and via the Apple Store under the name PSP Tracking.

For any questions, please contact customer support.