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PurpleTRAC Featured in ITN Programme "The True Cost of Financial Crime"

Pole Star is pleased to announce that PurpleTRAC has been featured in "The True Cost of Financial Crime", a programme created by the International Compliance Association and ITN Productions.

Presented by UK national newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky, the flagship news-style programme explores the impact criminal activity has on both businesses and individuals.

The programme showcases the importance of the compliance function as an enabler of ‘good’ business through education, advice and providing solutions, and highlights the successful work of regulatory and financial crime compliance professionals, including the team at Pole Star. 

Helen Langton, Managing Director, ICA, said: “The traditional view of compliance was that of rules, regulations and saying ‘no’ to the business. These days, compliance is at the heart of the organisation and plays a key role in managing risk and delivering commercial advantage. But this sits against the backdrop of ‘doing the right thing’. Compliance professionals shoulder a lot of responsibility but also have a great opportunity to do good – something this film will showcase.

In the segment about PurpleTRAC, Michael Jankowski, Chairman of the Pole Star Board, and Simon Ring, Head of Regtech. discuss the current maritime trade landscape and how PurpleTRAC works.

Following this, we looked at how Pole Star collaborates with the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), who use Pole Star's technology to monitor illicit North Korean trading. 

Finally, we spoke to Alex Tame, Global Director of Partners & Content Integration (Risk & Compliance) at Dow Jones, about the importance of forming strategic partnerships to combat global issues like financial crime. 

View the full Pole Star segment: