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World Maritime Day 2020

The theme for World Maritime Day 2020 is ‘sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet’, to raise awareness of the work that the IMO and those in the industry are doing to achieve the UN’s sustainable development goals.


World Maritime Day is a global observance created by the United Nations and the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), intended to celebrate the maritime industry’s great impact on the world’s economy and, now, its work towards a sustainable future. The day recognises the importance of maritime security, the marine environment, and shipping safety, embodying a different theme every year.

Sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet

With 2020 marking the beginning of the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs), today highlights the importance of the shipping industry’s role in determining the course of life in our oceans and on our planet. In doing so, today’s theme will allow those in all maritime sectors to reflect on the work they have done, are doing, and plan to do to create the sustainable future we need.

The UN’s SDGs are an agenda for the next decade that, without a sustainable transport sector supporting world trade and facilitating the global economy, will fail to be successful.

What is Pole Star doing to help?

Now more than ever, companies of all sizes must integrate ESG policies into their operational and financial decision-making processes to aid the move towards a sustainable future. As such, Pole Star has partnered with global trade finance technology provider, TradeIX, and carbon accounting solutions provider, Carbon Chain, to combine our technologies into a trade finance program that provides financial incentives to companies that engage in sustainable business practices.

The program will allow for the sharing and integrating of critical ESG performance metrics, including Carbon Chain’s best-in-class greenhouse gas emissions calculation tool, as well as the use of TradeIX’s trade finance platform, the Marco Polo Network, and Pole Star’s sanctions screening and maritime compliance tool, PurpleTRAC. Users can therefore ensure that their business operates under a sound governance structure and meets environmental regulations, while receiving access to critical liquidity and financing at a lower cost by doing so.

Want to know more?

Join Pole Star, Carbon Chain, and the Marco Polo Network for a webinar discussing the growing focus on ESG policies, how they can be crafted and monitored, and our recent technology collaboration.

When? Tuesday 6 October, 10am BST.

Register here.

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