Maritime Domain Awareness

The complete vessel investigation and monitoring platform for global banks and financial institutions.

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For Commodity Traders, Banks and Insurers that require world-wide, competitive situational awareness; MDA offers you the data, actionable intelligence and global visibility you need to increase your competitive advantage.

Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA)

How can MDA help you?

Track, monitor and query the progress of any vessel with MDA,  the complete vessel investigation and monitoring platform from Pole Star. This comprehensive solution for organisations with exposures to shipping and cargoes ensures you can prove what, where and with whom you are trading with.

Used in conjunction with PurpleTRAC - the Pole Star sanctions screening platform - MDA gives commodity traders and ship charterers full status visibility of their marine assets and logistics. You can also use MDA to identify global shipping trends, monitor vessel movements, port activity, weather, and trade flows; using the most accurate and up to date vessel data available.


Key Benefits

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  • In Vicinity

    In Vicinity

    See which ships are currently located within a user defined radius of any ship or location.

  • Port Activity Dashboard

    Port Activity Dashboard

    Investigate which ships are in a port at any given time, review a trail of ships in port, and see which ships are en-route to port. Use advanced filters and analytics for instant granular detail.

  • Historical tracks   

    Historical tracks   

    Click on a ship to review historical movements for up to 12 months.

  • Ship Details

    Ship Details

    Search for any ship by name or IMO number, and add any ship to your fleet at the click of a button. See vessel characteristics & particulars - including owner and manager details - as well as recent port calls.

  • Alerts


    Exception-based notifications can be applied to any ship.

  • Zones


    Display territorial waters and sanction zones on the map or create your own custom zones for a clear picture of vessels of interest in relation to ports, refineries, and other points of interest.

  • Blended Track

    Blended Track

    Complete terrestrial & satellite AIS as standard with no additional charges. Blended tracking technology combines multiple position data points into a single, seamless position track for richer, more accurate information. Monitor vessels without incurring charges for expensive satellite communications.

  • Reports


    Advanced reporting engine with queries and filters allows you to download historical data in CSV format for analysis, sharing with colleagues or evidentiary purposes.

  • Maps & Charts

    Maps & Charts

    Big, interactive maps with features including: zoom, pan, weather, zones, points of interest and distance measurement tools. Experience maximum situational awareness for vessels and ports combining Google and C-Maps.

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