Maritime Domain Awareness

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For commercial operators, charterers and brokers that require world-wide, competitive situational awareness; MDA offers you the data, actionable intelligence and global visibility you need to increase your competitive advantage.

Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA)

What is Maritime Domain Awareness?

At Pole Star, our mission is to protect and serve our clients through delivery of comprehensive, reliable, & secure actionable intelligence whilst leveraging the latest digital data and technologies via our maritime ecosystem.

As the world’s leading maritime risk and compliance navigator, Pole Star operates as your digital eyes and ears of the seas. Our Maritime Domain Awareness platform provides our customers with a comprehensive AIS integrated maritime data solution for shipping companies to monitor their own ships, 3rd party vessels and provides a play back facility of any ship in the last year globally or locally as you require.

The Maritime Domain Awareness feature sets are relevant for the ship owner / operator, charterer, broker, agent who are either looking to manage the safe passage of their vessels, adhere to charter parties, view a competitive scenario or enjoy the ‘benefit of hindsight’ to rerun vessel/s voyages in the event of an incident.

Key Benefits


  • Blended Track

    Blended Track

    Complete terrestrial & satellite AIS as standard with no additional charges. Blended tracking technology combines multiple position data points into a single, seamless position track for richer, more accurate information. Monitor vessels without incurring charges for expensive satellite communications.

  • In Vicinity

    In Vicinity

    See which ships are currently located within a user-defined radius of any ship or location. View the competitive landscape in a snapshot to facilitate decision making, particularly when requesting assistance.

  • Port Activity Dashboard

    Port Activity Dashboard

    View which of your ships are in port, or en-route to port.

  • Ship Details

    Ship Details

    Search for any ship by name, IMO number, MMSI or call sign, and add a ship to your fleet at the click of a button. View vessel characteristics and particulars, including owner and manager details, as well as recent port calls.

  • Vessel Replay

    Vessel Replay

    Replay multiple ship trails on a map for comparison of vessel movements. Provide historical reports for general accountability and legal purposes.

  • Event Notifications

    Event Notifications

    Create automated alerts, including speed notifications, entry and exit from key zones (for example, EEZs or high-risk piracy areas) at no extra charge; including audible on-screen notifications, email, and SMS.

  • Zones


    Ensure compliance by using up-to-date industry and environmental zones (including ECAs, EEZs, high-risk areas, environmental and regulatory zones) or create your own custom zones to view your fleet in relation to nearby and current threats, regional risks and regulatory requirements.


  • Historical tracks   

    Historical tracks   

    Click on a ship to review historical movements for up to 12 months.

  • Reports


    Advanced reporting engine with queries and filters enables reporting for analysis, evidentiary reporting, and more. Historical data can be downloaded in CSV format.

  • Weather


    Display 30 days historical & 5 days forecasted meteorological conditions on the interactive map, including a wide range of weather and environmental layers.  Our high quality weather data is updated every 6 hours and provided by Meteo Group.

  • Maps & Charts

    Maps & Charts

    Big, interactive maps with features including: zoom, pan, weather, zones, points of interest and distance measurement tools. Experience maximum situational awareness for vessels and ports combining Google and C-Maps with Notice to Mariners and a piracy overlay.

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