MRV Compliance by Pole Star

MRV regulation is coming - are you prepared?

Unrivaled in the maritime technology space with nearly 20 years experience & 2,500 clients, Pole Star have developed an enterprise-grade future-proofed MRV solution.

At Pole Star we are ensuring our customers are fully compliant - today and into the future.

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Pole Star MRV Compliance

With over 2,500 customers in 46 countries, Pole Star have been the supplier-of-choice in connected maritime intelligence for almost 20 years.


Unlike other solutions on the market, MRV compliance by Pole Star is built on the powerful Pole Star enterprise framework, ensuring unmatched accuracy, security and simplicity of use.

Tried and tested, the Pole Star MRV solution does so much more than simply meeting the minimum requirements for EU compliance. We are working with some of the biggest names in shipping to continuously broaden the scope of our MRV solution, ensuring all our customers are protected against future developments in environmental legislation.

As environmental compliance continues to grow as a priority for legislators, reporting requirements are only going to expand in both scale and complexity. Pole Star are proud to serve our customers with a solution that not only ensures compliance but increases efficiency, protecting both profits and reputations within the maritime industry.

Why Pole Star?

Service Features

  • Independently verified

    Independently verified

    According to the legislation, all MRV emissions reports must be independently verified. Don't believe vendors who tell you otherwise, and check the legislation for yourself if you're unsure.

  • Incorporated into noonday reporting

    Incorporated into noonday reporting

    Simple and easy-to-use noonday reporting means less work for your captain and chief engineer. An onboard application that uses your existing vessel IT infrastructure connects to our shoreside application, collating your data and streamlining manual reporting processes.

  • Automatic validation prevents human error

    Automatic validation prevents human error

    One of the greatest concerns our customers have over the MRV regulations is the potential impact of incorrectly entered data. Pole Star validates all data entry in real-time, on the ship, as the data is being entered, ensuring data entry errors don't occur in the first instance.

  • Fast and easy online setup

    Fast and easy online setup

    Our online platform has up-to-date IMO data, making ships easy to search for and add to your tracked vessels. Within minutes you can have our solution up and running, ready to connect to your fleet.

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