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Combining AIS and Inmarsat secure satellite tracking for near real-time, verifiable ship tracking, even when the vessel’s AIS is switched off. Compare stated and actual routes and manage your reveal risks in real-time.

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What we offer, in a nutshell

Protect your business and its reputation with the complete sanctions compliance screening and vessel monitoring solution from Pole Star.

A comprehensive sanctions compliance screening & vessel tracking solution for organisations that have exposures to shipping and cargoes and need to know (and be able to prove) who, what and where they are trading with at all times.


Why choose Pole Star?

Developed with and for organisations with exposures to shipping and cargoes, Pole Star’s financial crime screening solution automates complex risk management and compliance procedures in an easy-to-use web-based solution.

With near real-time, verifiable tracking of vessels, you can be confident that your organisation can closely monitor the current voyage and any emerging risks.

Tracking vessels can help to alleviate concerns about actual routes taken by vessels versus stated routes. Combining this with comprehensive screening of the vessel will aid your risk management efforts.

Combining AIS and secure Inmarsat satellite vessel tracking data to provide you with accurate, reliable position data, even when the vessel’s AIS transceiver is switched off.

Pole Star’s solution combines the services a client would normally obtain from separate ship data suppliers; sanction screening databases and vessel tracking systems into one easy-to-use web-based system which generates a tamper-resistant audit trail in seconds, as a record of their compliance activity.

Regulatory technologies like Pole Star’s sanctions screening solution for trade finance businesses can help organisations to automate compliance procedures, streamline complex and time consuming procedures and ensure that due diligence and compliance are executed consistently across multiple teams or regions.


Find out what we can do for you

  • Blended tracking technology

    Blended tracking technology

    Our patent-pending blended tracking technology combines AIS and secure Inmarsat satellite position data to provide you with accurate, reliable vessel tracking, even when the vessel’s AIS transceiver is switched off.

  • Detection & alerts

    Detection & alerts

    The system actively monitors the ship’s movements for key pre-defined events (e.g. approach to high-risk areas) and automatically alerts you via email.

  • Zones


    Display sanctioned areas on the map for a near real-time awareness of current or potential risks.

  • Historical tracks

    Historical tracks

    Review a ship’s historical movements for analysis in a single click. Click on a ship to see its historic position track on the map (30 days of trail history).

  • Reports


    Advanced reporting engine with queries and filters allows you to download historical data in CSV format for analysis, sharing with colleagues or evidentiary purposes.

  • Maps and charts

    Maps and charts

    Big, interactive maps with features including: zoom, pan, weather, zones and distance measurement tool. Your choice of map types including street map, hybrid map and satellite map.

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Case study: SOCAR Trading

Learn how SOCAR Trading are saving 500,000 USD/year

“Pole Star’s PurpleTRAC solution offers many features for SOCAR Trading, including the ability to screen vessels on-demand against a wide variety of lists and risks. It offers the ability to track the ships (even when their AIS transceivers are switched off) as well as secure, auditable, downloadable records of SOCAR Trading’s due diligence activities.”

- SOCAR Trading

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Compatible hardware

Compatible with a wide-range of hardware

During the voyage, Pole Star’s vessel tracking service tracks the ships in near real time using AIS position data Inmarsat secure satellite tracking technology. This means that, even when the AIS transceiver is switched off, you have reliable, verifiable vessel tracking information.

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Manage regulatory and reputational risk and solve your financial crime compliance challenges with Pole Star.

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