Environmental Vessel Efficiency (EVE)

With the IMO Sulphur Cap now in place, monitor and report your fuel consumption data to ensure compliance with EU and IMO environmental regulations.

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Pole Star’s Environmental Vessel Efficiency (EVE) application creates a shore-based database to monitor your performance, reduce fuel costs, facilitate your environmental compliance, and help reduce the shipping industry’s carbon footprint. The modular architecture of EVE seamlessly integrates with other Pole Star services, ensuring unmatched accuracy, security, and simplicity of use, as well as the data-driven analysis needed to reduce fuel consumption and improve profit margins, while minimising engineering work.

EVE has been approved by SGS, LR, Bureau Veritas and Verifavia.


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Up-to-date regulations

Monitor today's EU MRV and IMO DCS regulations and remain up-to-date as legislation evolves.

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Synced reporting

Produce voyage, time period, or annual reports at your convenience to seamlessly sync onboard validation for shoreside data aggregation.

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Fast & easy online setup

Connect to your fleet in minutes by searching for and adding ships to your tracked vessels easily with our up-to-date ship particulars.

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Onboard voyage reporting tool

Collate your data and streamline your manual noon-day and standard event reporting processes by connecting your existing vessel IT infrastructure with our shoreside application.

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Automatic validation

Ensure data entry errors caused by human error do not occur by validating it through EVE, in real-time, on the ship.

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Performance reports

Use new features and data services to view and analyse performance reports from all saved voyage information for real-time or post-voyage analysis.

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