Maritime Risk Insight

Ensure the smooth running of business using real-time updates of maritime crime incidents around the world.

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Risk Insight offers an overview of your vessels in relation to security threats and potential trouble. By providing complete situational awareness and piracy intelligence, our service enables you to take risk-mitigating action by routing vessels accordingly. The solution provides a near real-time picture of current and potential threats to your fleet, integrated into your Pole Star account map for accessible intelligence in a single window.  

With data from Risk Intelligence, the leading provider of maritime security and risk intelligence, you can be assured that you are up-to-date with relevant risks, ensuring the safety and security of your fleet and seafaring employees.


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Near real-time updates

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Incident feed

Our incident feed provides a simple, chronological list of all incidents within your specified time period. Slide the bar along from current day to one year to easily specify your time interval.

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Quality data

Provided in partnership with Risk Intelligence, the leading provider of maritime security and risk intelligence to the maritime industry.

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View incidents of kidnapping, ransom, hijacking, and armed robbery at sea, alongside terrorist attacks and other maritime crime.

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View failed attacks and suspicious activities at sea.

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View operations

View areas of anti-piracy, naval, counter insurgency, and military operations.

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