Who We Are

As maritime experts, we work across the globe, ensuring the diverse needs of governments and businesses across the supply chain are met.

With 5 global offices in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Panama, and the US, alongside presence in Australia and Greece, we’re made up of over 19 nationalities and speak 25 different languages. Our broad expertise and best-in-class team places us in the distinct position of enabling the continuous advancement of our services in line with the requirements of the ever-changing maritime landscape.

What We Do

At Pole Star we develop pioneering technologies, empowering maritime insight to inform your real-world decisions. 

Movement across our oceans is critical to the global economy, impacting all of us, every day. With 90% of world trade travelling by sea, we all rely on the smooth running of the maritime industry for stability, security, and business continuity. 

We are proud to work with governments and businesses across the supply chain. Together, we play an essential part in creating a transparent, secure, and compliant operating environment.

Since 1998, we have pushed the limits of innovation, mitigating growing threats to ships, supply chains, cargo, territorial waters and, most importantly, lives within the maritime infrastructure and beyond. Today, we continue to develop new ways of turning complex data into accessible insight across regulatory conformance, sanctions screening, trade compliance, tracking, monitoring, and ship security. 

Our wide range of solutions are designed specifically to enable time-critical decisions and mitigate risk across all facets of maritime activity - from cross-border trade to the monitoring of territorial waters and everything in between. 

Pole Star - advancing technologies for a safer, more secure world.

Our History

As the world of maritime trade has grown more complex, we have expanded our global offices and broadened our solutions. Today, Pole Star is a well-trusted technology company that has become uniquely placed to monitor much of the 90% of world trade that travels by sea.

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Meet The Team

At Pole Star it requires a wide range of skills to develop, maintain, and support the high-quality products for which we have become renowned. As such, we consist of small, highly-skilled teams that collectively build our solutions for global challenges. From tech, to development, to sales, every department with its variety of experience is vital for the smooth day-to-day running and continued success of Pole Star.

Our leadership team, led by Managing Director Julian Longson, represent the core values and mindset of Pole Star itself. As active industry experts, the team generates a progressive environment for the wider company, with collaboration, innovation, and care at its centre. Meet the Full Team to learn more about us and our global team of maritime experts.

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Pole Star is home to builders, creators, thinkers, and doers. Whether you’re in development, finance, sales, support or marketing, join our team for a dynamic and challenging work environment with on-the-job learning, professional training, and development opportunities to maximise your potential.

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