Pole Star’s global support team offers dedicated technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. With our multilingual team of product experts based across London, Hong Kong and Panama, we provide service support, technical support, training, troubleshooting and diagnostics around the clock, by phone and email.

Contact Support

Phone: For urgent issues, call us on +44 20 7313 7403
Email: For non-urgent queries and issues, email us at:
We aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours.

For any queries relating to LRIT, please contact:
LRIT Testing–
LRIT Certification–
LRIT Data Centre Tracking–

LRIT Support

With more than 40,000 completed LRIT tests on behalf of global ship operators to date, Pole Star is the world leader in LRIT testing. Our system manages all aspects of the test, including terminal commissioning, satellite communications network management, post-test de-commissioning, and provides detailed test results and conformance test certificates (if required).

As such, we have answered our most frequently asked questions for clients like yourself to refer to in case of difficulties.

1. Which services does Pole Star provide for each Maritime Authority?

Maritime Authority Testing Certification Data Center Special requirements
Albania x x x All LRIT testing and Certification (CTR) orders must be conducted via Realcom. Please contact:
Algeria x x x  
Antigua and Barbuda x      
Argentina x      
Australia x x x  
Bahamas x      
Bahrain x x x  
Bangladesh x x x  
Barbados x     LRIT CTR's issued by Pole Star prior to 01/01/2016 remain valid
Belgium x      
Belize x x x  
Bermuda x x x  
Bolivia x x x  
British Virgin Islands x x x  
Brunei Darussalam x x x  
Canada x x x  
Cabo Verde x x x  
Cayman Islands x x x  
Colombia x   x LRIT Certificates (CTR's) issued by the Maritime Authority
Cook Islands x x x  
Côte d'Ivoire x x    
Croatia x x    
Curaçao x x    
Cyprus x x    
Denmark x x    
Dominica x x x  
Ethiopia x x x  
Faroe Islands x x x  
Finland x x    
Gabon x x x  
Gambia x x x  
Georgia x x    
Germany x x    
Ghana x x x  
Gibraltar x x x  
Greece x x    
Greenland x x    
Guyana x x x  
Honduras x x x  
Hong Kong x x    
Indonesia x x x All LRIT testing and Certification must be conducted via
Iraq x x    
Ireland x x    
Isle Of Man x x x  
Israel x x x  
Italy x x    
Jamaica x x x  
Japan x x x  
Jersey x x x  
Jordan x x x  
Kenya x x x  
Kiribati x x x  
Kuwait x x x  
Latvia x x    
Liberia x   x LRIT Certificates (CTR's) issued by the Maritime Authority
Lithuania x x    
Luxembourg x x    
Madeira x x    
Malaysia x x   All LRIT testing and Certification should be ordered via
Maldives x x    
Malta x x    
Marshall Islands x x x  
Montenegro x x    
Morocco x x x  
Mozambique x x x  
Myanmar x x    
Namibia x x    
Nauru x x x  
The Netherlands x x    
Netherlands Antilles x x    
New Zealand x x x  
Niue x x x  
Nigeria x x x  
Norway x x    
Oman x x x  
Pakistan x x x  
Palau x x x  
Panamá x x x  
Papua New Guinea x x x  
The Philippines x x x  
Portugal x x    
Qatar x x x  
Republic of Moldova x x    
Romania x x    
St Kitts and Nevis x x    
St Vincent and the
Saudi Arabia x x x  
The Seychelles x x x  
Sierra Leone x x x  
Singapore x   x LRIT Certificates (CTR's) issued by the Maritime Authority
Slovakia x x    
South Africa x x x  
Spain x x    
Sudan x x    
Sweden x x    
Syrian Arab Republic x x    
Thailand x x    
Tonga x x    
Turkey x x   All LRIT testing and Certification should be ordered via
Tuvalu x x x  
United Arab Emirates x x x  
United Kingdom x x x  
United States of America x x x LRIT requests must be received via United States Coast Guard Navigation Centre. Please contact:
Vanuatu x x    
Yemen x x x  

*If your flag does not appear on this table, we do not supply any LRIT services for this flag administration.

2. If Pole Star does not manage the DC for a Flag, who do I contact?

If Pole Star is not the recognised LRIT ASP for the Flag you require, we do not have access to or visibility of the LRIT tracking after the conformance test. Please contact the Flag administration directly for further information.

European Cooperative DC (EMSA) - Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden. 


Vessel traffic and Reporting Services-

Tel: +351 21 1209 206

Fax: +351 21 1209 217


Collecte Localisation Satellite (CLS) - Chile, Egypt, Mexico, Vanuatu.


Flag Administrations:

Ship Owners:

Fulcrum - Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Comoros, Mauritius, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, United Republic of Tanzania, Venezuela.


Tel: + 441708 788 400

Fax + 441708 788 402


3. How do I conduct an LRIT Test (for Inmarsat C)?

1) Place an order for your LRIT test credit by sending a purchase request to or depending on your location. This email will need to include: vessel name, flag, IMO number and an email address you wish us to issue an invoice to.

2) Log into your Pole Star LRIT account here and click on ‘Register Transceiver’, completing all fields as required. (Home > Registrations > Register Transceivers).

3) Pole Star will send an invoice for the LRIT conformance test to the email stated on your purchase request – please process payment accordingly. (Note: For customers with credit terms, the test credit will be added to your account directly after the order has been raised.)

4) The LRIT Test is now ready to begin:

  • Login to Purplefinder LRIT account (
  • Click the Home tab > Manage Test > Start Test.
  • Locate the relevant vessel from the list, check “Select Transceiver” and press “NEXT”.
  • Complete Self Certify, ensure all details registered are correct before proceeding then and press ‘Start Test’ to initiate the LRIT Conformance Test.

Testing tips:

  • Check with the manufacturer that the equipment tested including its software/firmware is suitable for use with the LRIT system/LRIT Compliant.
  • Ensure the Inmarsat transceiver remains switched on and logged into the Inmarsat network during this period. If not, the test will fail immediately.
  • Advise the master onboard the vessel that a DNID will be downloaded into the transceiver temporarily for the duration of the test and that this DNID should be ignored, NOT deleted.
  • Using the transceiver for messaging / sending telex during testing is likely to interfere with the test.
  • Please allow up to 48 hours for the test to complete.
  • We advise to initiate the start of the test while the vessel is out on open sea to minimise the risk of a test failure. A vessel situated in or near port has an increased chance in line of sight blockage or interference between the transceiver and the Inmarsat satellite network from obstructions such as buildings, ships or cranes.

5) Monitoring an LRIT Conformance Test whilst in progress:
In order to monitor the test whilst in progress, log into your Purplefinder LRIT Testing Account and go to ‘Manage Test > Test Results’ to see an overview.

An email notification will be sent to the email address specified upon registration advising of the vessel’s Test Result. Further information on a failed test can be obtained by contacting our Customer Support Dept –

For any other queries, please contact:
LRIT Testing–
LRIT Certification–
LRIT Data Centre Tracking–

4. Once the test is complete, how do I order a CTR?

1) Consult the table in Q1. to confirm whether Pole Star is authorised to certify for the vessel’s flag state. If the answer is yes – proceed to step 2.
*If the flag issues their own certificates, Pole Star will notify the flag automatically after the LRIT test has been successfully completed together with all required test information. You should contact the flag registry directly to obtain the LRIT CTR.

2) Fill in the online certificate order form.
*For urgent cases, please choose the FAST TRACK delivery option (this charges an additional fee to guarantee that the CTR is issued within 24 hours).

3) Please allow up to 1 working day for Pole Star to issue an invoice for the certificate charge. The
invoice will be sent to the email stated on the certificate order form.

4) Process the relevant payment to Pole Star and send a copy of the remittance in
response to the email sent to you which included your order’s Pro Forma Invoice, also CC:

5) Upon confirmation of payment, Pole Star’s finance department will issue a final invoice and the certificate will be dispatched within 3 working days under the Standard Service or within 1 working day under the Fast Track service. A scanned PDF copy will also be sent via email on the day the CTR is due to be produced and dispatched.

5. What CTR delivery services does Pole Star offer?

We offer standard & fast track service options.

STANDARD SERVICE: CTRs will be produced and dispatched within 3 days of our receipt of cleared funds. (GBP 15.00/USD 26.00 - in addition to the cost of your CTR)

FAST TRACK: Within 24 hours, we will email a PDF copy to you and dispatch the hard copy via express courier, provided your application is received before 15:00 GMT. This 'Fast Track' service, whereby you apply and pay for your certificate immediately, guarantees you will receive the PDF before 15:00 GMT on the following working day. Fast Track requests that are received after the cut-off time of 15:00 GMT will be issued the next working day. (GBP 115.00/USD 201.00 - in addition to the cost of your CTR)

6. What is the Panama validation process?

As part of the Panama verification process the following vessel information must match on the CTR Test Result and ESAS, SEAWEB, and INFOPORT.

  • Vessel Name
  • IMO Number
  • Call Sign
  • Unit Manufacturer Name
  • Unit Model
  • Unit S/N
  • Company Name
  • Navigation Patent
  • Copy of old CTR
  • Evidence of vessel reporting within 24hrs

Once these checks are completed, the CTR Order will be checked for missing or incorrect information to validate the data, then released for printing.

7. How do I make an amendment on my CTR?

On the CTR order form, select ‘Make changes to an existing CTR’.
If the required change is a change of Flag to a Flag that Pole Star do not issue CTR’s for, Pole Star will send an XML containing the test data to the new Flag. Pole Star will then inform you when this has been completed. No charge is required for this service by Pole Star, but you will then need to contact the Flag directly to make payment.

8. What do I do if I have forgotten my LRIT account login details?

Contact Pole Star Customer Support via

9. I have lost my CTR, how do I get a new copy?

If you have lost the original copy of your CTR, you will need to place an order for a new one via the Pole Star website.

10. How do I find the Pole Star Test Number to place my CTR order?

If you have recently conducted an LRIT test, you can find your test number within your results. If you have recently taken over management of the vessel and do not have this detail, please contact who will be able to provide you with it.

11. Why did my LRIT test fail?

We provide an explanation in the email containing test results, however for more detail, please contact us at

12. Why is my LRIT equipment not reporting?

There are several reasons why equipment may not be working. Please follow our troubleshooting advice below.

If the vessel is at sea:

  • Ask the Master to reboot the transceiver. This will force the transceiver to resynchronise with the Inmarsat network.
  • To reboot the transceiver: log out the transceiver, switch it off, wait one minute, switch it back on and log back in. (To reboot a Mini C: switch off, wait one minute, switch back on.)
  • Once the transceiver has been rebooted and cleanly logged in, we should expect to receive a position report within one hour.

If the vessel is in port:

  • When the vessel is alongside in port there is an increased probability of communication problems. In a port there is likely to be a high concentration of interference sources. High power VHF, UHF and microwave equipment can all cause interference problems. Buildings, gantries and other large structures can also cause problems in port by blocking the line of sight to the satellite.
  • Once the vessel is at sea we should expect to receive a position report within 24 hours.

If the problem persists and the vessel belongs to a Flag that Pole Star manages the DC for, then we will be able to assist with troubleshooting. For assistance, please contact

13. When am I required to conduct a new LRIT test?

You will be required to conduct a new LRIT test if your equipment has changed since the last test, or if the vessel has changed flags. Reasons for conducting a new LRIT test are not limited to the above. Contact if you have any questions.

14. Which Iridium units are compatible for testing with Pole Star?

  • E.M.A, Bluetraker LRIT
  • Faria, Watchdog 750
  • Thorium, LRIT-TST 100
  • Trident, Polaris
  • Polaris, SIRIUS One

15. What is the Iridium testing process?

  1. Place an order for your LRIT test credit by sending a purchase request to This email will need to include: vessel name, flag, IMO number and an email address you wish us to issue an invoice to.
  2. Pole Star will send an invoice for the LRIT conformance test to the email stated on your purchase request – please process payment accordingly.
  3. Pole Star will then send the access codes to the Iridium portal where you can manage the test.