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Customer Support Head, Emma McRedmond, Reflects on Customer Service Week

Pole Star's Global Head of Customer Support, Emma McRedmond, reflects on the celebrations of Customer Service Week 2021.

The Customer Support journey at Pole Star is forever evolving. We are considered the heart of customer engagement and success. We have become more integral than ever while we grow as the leading innovator in cloud-based compliance software solutions for the maritime sector. The increasing demand in relation to trade & commodity finance, maritime surveillance, and ESG sustainability solutions means the global team must be versatile, resilient, and understand the dynamics of digitalisation and SaaS; all things the Customer Support team at Pole Star exhibit with customer centricity and genuine customer care at their core.

Something that must be mentioned is the adversity of the pandemic and how it tested the Customer Support teams operational resilience. The team confronted it together with impeccable teamwork and spirit. They stepped into their best strengths at a time when the world was uncertain. Successful in continuing to support customers at our reputational high standard without interruption, by being creative, flexible, and compassionate, especially when redefining our processes and restructuring the teams to continue offering 24/7 global support.

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank all of our Customer Support Champions at Pole Star. Thank you for joining us on our mission. Every single one of you brings a unique and talented approach to customer care that never seizes to amaze me. Led by our Regional Support Leads who strongly lead by example: Teresa Lau (APAC), Yamileth Marin (Panama), Sandra Fernandes (EMEA), and Richard Aguilar (USA). We couldn’t do it without you. Your commitment and attitude are second to none. Your hard work is recognised and appreciated by us and our customers.

We do not do it alone though. Our globally based 50+ suppliers distributed around the world play a huge contribution to supporting Pole Star customers too. They are an extension of the Customer Support team and are our champions; some for over 20 years. We thank them whole heartedly for their loyal and valued support and hard work.

Our new focus is growth, supporting our ESG & sustainability solutions, scaling and training the team accordingly, while also embarking on automation strategies to service our customers efficiently.

Thank you to all Pole Star Customer Support Champions!

Emma McRedmond, Global Head of Customer Support, Pole Star.

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