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Emergency Measures for the Iran-Israel Conflict

Emergency Measures for the Iran-Israel Conflict

On 13 April, 2024, Iran launched a massive attack on Israel consisting of hundreds of drones, land-attack cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles. This attack was the widely expected response to Israel’s attack on Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (“IRGC”) personnel at the Iranian consulate in Syria. It’s unclear if either party wishes to escalate the situation further, or if it is feasible to de-escalate the situation.

The U.S. will almost certainly respond to this attack in some format. That is likely to come, at a minimum, in the form of additional sanctions against Iran. Since Hamas’ October 7th attack on Israel, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) has targeted Iranian networks responsible for shipping crude oil and petrochemicals on behalf of the IRGC and other elements of Iran’s armed forces. We believe that the additional sanctions will almost certainly focus on these networks and their vessels.

During times of crisis, the Deep Blue team is going to do what we do best – provide you with quality maritime threat intelligence. For at least the next two weeks, PurpleTRAC customers will have the option to activate Deep Blue Intelligence watchlists on their PurpleTRAC account:

  • The Triliance list, which contains 96 tanker vessels which are part of the “Triliance Network,” a group of companies dealing in Iranian crude on behalf of the IRGC. OFAC frequently targets the Triliance Network with designations.
  • An Iran Emergency list, which contains the vessels we have identified as spoofing in the Persian Gulf.

If you receive an alert against these lists, please email dbi@polestarglobal.com, with cc to Tannenbaum@blackstonecompliance.com. Please label the subject with your institution, vessel, vessel IMO, and date. 

For any questions you may have regarding protecting your institution during this uncertain period, as well as to get in contact with us if you believe a suspicious vessel is dealing with Iran and wish for further guidance, please contact tannenbaum@blackstonecompliance.com.

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