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Pole Star Appoints Head of Architecture & Engineering to Deliver Technological Innovation

The appointment of Peter Fen as Head of Architecture and Engineering paves the way for technological innovation across Pole Star’s leading maritime SaaS solutions.

London, 11 October

Pole Star is pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Fen as Head of Architecture and Engineering. Peter will drive Pole Star’s solutions innovation to deliver enhanced levels of efficiency, transparency, and sustainability across the supply chain.

With an extensive 25 years of experience in IT and software development, Peter brings advanced skills in software architecture and technology. In his previous role as Principal Software Architect at Triple Point Technology, Peter was actively engaged in strategic initiatives such as modernising technology stack, adopting new technologies, improving the performance and scalability of applications, as well as leading team development and the technology roadmap.

Alongside this, Peter’s personal projects enabled him to explore new technologies and architectures, leading him to work on Vasanda EcoSphere, the primary sustainability screening platform from Vasanda, now a Pole Star Company. As a result, Peter was a key part of the Vasanda x PurpleTRAC API integration and one of the first to recognise the innovative opportunities available for the technologies, and the industry, in combining the two.

With Pole Star recognising Peter’s expertise and practical experience in building scalable software solutions, the appointment of him as Head of Architecture and Engineering creates an opportunity for the expansion of Pole Star’s innovative technology-driven solutions and the chance to make a positive global impact by changing the maritime industry for the better.

Peter says, “The maritime domain is the perfect space for technological and business innovation. Modern-day requirements can only be met by implementing complex and robust solutions that combine advanced technologies and scientific achievements in IT hardware, telecom, space, satellite domain, and software and data processing. These solutions have a wide range of mission-critical applications - from monitoring environmental impact, to improving global logistics efficiency, and saving human lives. My mission is to build the next generation maritime technology platform, bringing the maritime industry to a new level of efficiency, transparency, and operational excellence and to make a positive global impact on the world we live in.”

“The appointment of Peter as our Head of Architecture and Engineering marks a new phase in Pole Star’s mission to innovate and expand following our successful growth investment earlier this year,” says Julian Longson, CEO of Pole Star. “Peter has the technical skills and depth of experience required to overhaul our solutions as the maritime industry enters a period of fast-paced digital transformation and shifts its focus to sustainability. His drive to constantly develop and enhance technologies is a perfect fit for Pole Star as the longstanding pioneer of maritime solutions, so we welcome Peter’s expertise and look forward to him taking us on this journey.”




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