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Pole Star Make Senior Appointment To Steer Strategy & Grow Brand

Pole Star appoint Noyonika Bhaduri as VP Marketing to continue the company’s ongoing senior team expansion following growth investment.

London, 23 February 2022

Pole Star is pleased to announce the appointment of Noyonika Bhaduri as Vice President & Global Head of Marketing. As part of the executive leadership team, Bhaduri will be responsible for overseeing the execution of Pole Star’s global growth strategy. Bhaduri brings 13 years of strong SaaS tech expertise to lead Pole Star’s marketing team and drive revenue through development of a high-performance demand generation capability, expansion of brand presence, targeted campaigns, and increase in the company’s global presence.

Previously Chief Strategy Officer at Blend Media, a specialist in VR content, and Global Marketing Director for analytics technology company, MiQ, Bhaduri comes equipped with a wealth of knowledge in driving growth through marketing, sales, and customer success. Bhaduri has implemented and driven successful strategic roadmaps across Europe, North America, and APAC for several fast-moving companies: a key strength to bring to the table as Pole Star continues to innovate and provide leading maritime intelligence solutions.

After receiving significant investment from Wavecrest Growth Partners, Abry Partners, and its principal shareholders last year, Pole Star has accelerated its product development, allowing for future progression and technological enhancements. Now, with Bhaduri onboard, marketing strategy is the next incremental step in the company’s development in order to solidify Pole Star’s competitive positioning, key product messaging, and markets.

Bhaduri says, “Pole Star is a leader in its space, and I’m incredibly excited to join the company and work alongside a team of the highest calibre industry experts to take it to the next level. My mission is to help increase the efficiency and transparency of maritime trade by bringing our maritime intelligence offerings to the fore and growing Pole Star’s global market presence.”

With collaboration at Pole Star’s core, a principle that emerges throughout the company in the form of business alliances, technological partnerships, and the interoperability and development of its products, the business is lined up to advance globally. And, with the London headquarters soon to relocate to a new office specifically designed to support and enhance collaboration and teamwork, there is no end in sight for Pole Star’s ability to innovate and progress.

CEO, Julian Longson, says, “As we continue to keep our feet firmly on the accelerator pedal, bringing Noyonika onboard will widen our audience reach and deliver our brand and solution’s to those that need them. Our work towards safe, compliant, and sustainable maritime transport and trade has already begun, but the strategic changes and new hires that we’ve made as a company over the past year will only bolster this process. We welcome Noyonika to the team and are confident that she can help take Pole Star to the next level.”


About Pole Star
Pole Star is a leading maritime intelligence technology company, developing solutions to protect our customers’ vessels, people, reputation, and financial investments. Since 1998, we have pushed the limits of innovation, working with governments and businesses across the supply chain to mitigate the growing threats to ships, supply chains, cargo, territorial waters and, most importantly, lives within the maritime infrastructure and beyond. Our wide range of solutions are designed specifically to enable time-critical decisions and mitigate risk across all facets of maritime activity - from cross-border trade, to sustainability risk, to the monitoring of territorial waters, and everything in between.

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