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Update: Russia-Ukraine Crisis

Pole Star has in its 24 years witnessed and responded to several 'world crises' and, as always, we bring the gravitas and experience to offer you advice and solutions that truly matter in the current landscape. We are and always will be the most trusted and credible partner for governments, banks, financial institutions, maritime trade, and shipping companies worldwide.

With the Ukraine crisis worsening, and the world (yet again) witnessing the fact that, unfortunately, war impacts everyone, we at Pole Star are working to help our team, partners, and clients through this difficult time.

Members of our own team have been affected, and we will continue to support them, and all Polestarians, as the situation evolves. 

But, with new sanctions being implemented daily, our clients and partners are reaching out to us for help in managing the new complexities arising across the world and the maritime trade space.

As such, we have decided to offer a 'one-off risk assessment' to all businesses to help identify and mitigate their risks at the earliest point. To know more, please complete this form.

Additionally, we have always offered a free 2-week trial of our sanctions screening solution, PurpleTRAC, which remains as an available option as we continue to work to provide you with more insights that are truly relevant to your business.

In the meantime, we are continuing to monitor developments and send our best wishes to those currently affected.

The Pole Star Team

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