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US, UK, and other nations rally to address Illicit Ship-to-Ship oil transfers at sea

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In an effort to tackle the growing concern of unregulated ship-to-ship (STS) oil transfers at sea and the potential environmental risks they pose, the United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, and several other countries have jointly called for increased surveillance and action, according to a paper submitted to the United Nations.

The paper, presented to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the UN's shipping agency, ahead of a significant marine environment protection committee session in July, received backing from Australia, Canada, Spain, Ukraine, and other nations.

The practice of unregulated oil transfers at sea has witnessed a surge in recent years, with numerous "ghost" tankers operating outside the purview of comprehensive regulations. These vessels have been involved in transporting oil from countries subject to Western sanctions and restrictions, such as Russia and Iran.

The deceptive tactics employed by these ships involve disabling tracking transponders, falsifying locations, and conducting STS operations outside authorized transfer zones, often in adverse weather conditions to conceal their activities.

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