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Unveiling the Dark Fleet and the Latest in AIS Spoofing (Four-Part Series)

A Deep Blue Project by Pole Star Global and Blackstone Compliance

Discover our white paper series: Unveiling the Dark Fleet and the Latest in AIS Spoofing (Four-Part Series). Learn how to spot illicit shipping operations and use our groundbreaking insights to ensure maritime sanctions compliance.

With the rise in AIS spoofing and dark fleet activity, complying with sanctions is more critical than ever. As bad actors find clever ways to evade authorities, our white paper series provides practical insights to help you identify their deceptive tactics and stay at the forefront in this arms race.

PART I: Deceptive shipping is on the rise, with tactics like AIS spoofing and dark fleet activity becoming more common. Sanctions against Russia and price limits on Russian oil have pushed those trying to avoid sanctions to use more advanced methods. 

Join us to learn about maritime sanctions evasion and the challenges the industry is facing.

PART II: Sanctions against Russia have led to the emergence of a "dark fleet" of tankers. These tankers are used for trading with Russia or other countries under sanctions, and their owners use various methods to hide what they're carrying.

Figuring out if a ship is part of this dark fleet is not always straightforward. It involves examining the ship's ownership, its movements, deceptive tactics, and timing. From this white paper, you'll learn how to identify dark fleet vessels as we guide your assessment using relevant indicators.

PART III: AIS spoofing is employed to conceal illicit maritime activities. Bad actors deactivate their AIS transponders, creating gaps in tracking coverage, to then present inaccurate data about the vessel's whereabouts and speed. 

As sanctions against Russia have grown, so has the complexity of AIS spoofing. Within this white paper, we've categorised AIS spoofing into four distinct typologies. Use these exclusive insights to discover how to detect AIS spoofing.

PART IV: Under the Deep Blue project, Pole Star Global and Blackstone Compliance continue to monitor the dark fleet and AIS spoofing, aiming to discern the most current trends and tactics employed in evading sanctions. Our observations provide you with the expertise to effectively detect unlawful shipping operations, ensuring your adherence to regulations.

In this final white paper instalment, we summarise our primary discoveries, providing you with actionable insights that can be promptly applied.

Presented by Pole Star Global's Vice President of Maritime Trade Sales, Charles Ike, and Director of Blackstone Compliance Services, David Tannenbaum.

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