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Pole Star Announces Single Sign-on for PurpleTRAC and MDA Users

London, UK

Pole Star is pleased to announce that we are now offering a hybrid solution combining our PurpleTRAC regulatory technology with our Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) solution to offer users the highest possible visibility of their marine assets. 

In these unprecedented times, easy access to clear, detailed information on your assets has never been more important. This has been dramatically compounded by the recent OFAC and OFSI advisories, reinforcing how essential proper due diligence is within the wider maritime industry when facing issues caused by documentary fraud and sanctions evasion. 

Pole Star, through its web-based PurpleTRAC regulatory technology application, enables institutions with sanctions and risk management exposures in maritime trade to screen and track vessels, and their associated ownership and management’s regulatory status, by entering just the vessel name or IMO number.


Within 30 seconds, PurpleTRAC screens for the following:

  • Ship Global Sanctions List: Screens a vessel’s IMO number against our comprehensive sanctions database.
  • Company Global Sanctions List: Screens a vessel’s ownership and management against our comprehensive list of sanctions, denied parties, and enforcement actions lists.
  • Country Sanctions List: Screens a vessel’s flag, its ownership and management, and countries of registration, domicile, and control.
  • Ship Movement History Check: Screens a vessel’s historic movements and trading patterns, including gaps in AIS transmissions.
  • Port State Control Check: Screens a vessel’s entire port state control inspection history.

PurpleTRAC also includes a new Bill of Lading Verification (BLV) extension, which allows customers to significantly extend their documentary fraud risk and compliance investigations by screening and verifying bills of lading in real time. 

Used in conjunction with PurpleTRAC, MDA provides organisations with exposures to shipping and cargoes full visibility of their marine assets and logistics. The system identifies global shipping trends and monitors vessel behaviour, port activity, weather, and trade flows with the most accurate and up-to-date vessel data available.

MDA offers the following features at users’ fingertips:

  • Blended Track: Access complete terrestrial & satellite AIS blended tracking technology, combining multiple position data points into a single, seamless position track.
  • AIS Gap Analysis: Investigate periods when vessels have not been sending AIS positions to identify suspicious behaviour.
  • In Vicinity: View all ships located within a user defined radius of any ship or location.
  • Complex Queries: Analyse and investigate vessels of interest as they move in or out of any selected regions
  • Alerts: Apply exception-based notifications to any ship.
  • Zones: Display territorial waters, EEZs, high-risk areas and regulatory zones, or create your own custom zones for a near real-time picture of vessels in relation to areas of interest.
  • Weather: Display 30 days historical & 5 days forecasted meteorological conditions on the interactive map.
  • Maps & Charts: View large interactive maps combining Google and C-Maps, featuring zoom, pan, weather, zones, points of interest, distance measurement tools, Notice to Mariners and a piracy overlay.

MDA will now be accessible to clients through a single sign-on linkout from the PurpleTRAC interface.  

Get in touch with us at sales@polestarglobal.com to find out more.

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