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Pole Star Global Welcomes Navilands Group to Next-Generation Fleet Monitoring Platform, Podium5

30th May, 2024 

Dynamic fleet management company Navilands Group has announced that it has launched Pole Star Global’s cutting-edge fleet monitoring platform Podium5 across its fleet.

With an advanced user interface and API technology, the market leading Podium5 technology will seamlessly connect various departments, systems and data within the Group. Navilands says it will significantly enhance their fleet monitoring capability. 

Navilands Group are a newly established, multi-shareholder group in the maritime market whose main scope is the skillful application of the art of third-party management of all types of ships by dedicated executives with extensive expertise and proven track record, as well as young and promising talent, active in Greece, Cyprus, China and the Philippines.

Navilands has opted to invest in Podium5's tracking and security modules, designed to optimise the safety, security, and efficiency of fleet operations. The modules are part of a comprehensive suite of applications available on the Podium5 platform, which brings together fleet monitoring, regulatory compliance, performance analytics and voyage optimisation in one uniquely flexible platform.

Image: Tracking and Security module screenshots on the Podium5 platform.

Launched in 2020 Podium5 is an award-winning voyage informatics platform. Thanks to the platform’s unique and highly configurable rules engine, the ever-changing environment of each vessel in a fleet is constantly monitored and alerted, providing real-time or periodic updates as per the customer’s preferences, to ensure the safety of their crew, cargo, and vessels.

The Podium5 technology also ensures state-of-the-art ISPS compliance, which is monitored 24/7/365 by Pole Star Global's global operations team, enabling uninterrupted trading.

"We are delighted to welcome Navilands Group to Podium5, joining a growing list of forward-thinking companies choosing our cutting-edge platform. Their commitment to innovation and excellence makes them an ideal partner." said Ross Martin, Managing Director - Shipping & Offshore at Pole Star Global.

Capt. Panagiotis Foinikis, CEO of Navilands Management Holdings S.A, added, "Being a firm supporter of innovation and forward thinking, it is with great pleasure to partner with Pole Star Global and implement Podium5. This enables us to leverage its cutting-edge platform in our continuous effort for flawless implementation of state-of-the-art systems and advanced procedures onboard and ashore, ensuring the safety of the crew as well as the optimal operational reliability of our fleet."

Pole Star Global extends its gratitude to the Navilands team for their confidence and eagerly anticipates a prosperous and enduring partnership.

What's your custom fleet management solution? 

Pole Star Global's Podium5 Voyage Informatics Platform integrats fleet monitoring, regulatory compliance, performance analytics, and voyage optimization into one flexible solution. Discover the full solution at Podium5.com, or book a demo and build the bespoke solution for your fleet.

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