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Comprehensive, cost-effective and expandable LRIT Data Centre services. We operate Data Centres on behalf of over 50 flag administrations, monitoring more than 20,000 ships.

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What we offer, in a nutshell

We operate Data Centres for over 50 Flags monitoring more than 20,000 ships, including those of Panama, Liberia and the Marshall Islands.

Pole Star offers a comprehensive end-to-end LRIT service that consists of the most cost-effective, low-risk and expandable Data Centre solution available.

Our Flags and Maritime Administrations

We are the LRIT Data Centre operator for over 50 flags


 We are also the ASP provider for one flag



Why choose Pole Star?

Pole Star operates Data Centres on behalf of over 50 flag administrations, monitoring more than 20,000 ships, including those of Panama, Liberia, and the Marshall Islands - the largest fleets in the International Maritime Organisation's LRIT network.

Pole Star’s system manages all aspects of the test, including: terminal commissioning, satellite communications network management, post-test de-commissioning, production of a detailed test result and provision of a conformance test certificate if required.

We understand the LRIT system and what is required. We have a 13 year record of robust security, system availability and data confidentiality. We work with all the major satellite equipment manufacturers, communications service providers, land earth station operators, Inmarsat and other satellite communication network providers to ensure that the LRIT system works end-to-end. We are a Thrane & Thrane and certified partner and Inmarsat certified silver partner. Pole Star is an LRIT Data Centre administrator and an authorised testing ASP for over 90 Flags.

Pole Star is currently the appointed Recognised ASP / DC Administrator to over 50 governments and an Authorised Testing ASP to close on 60 other governments (providing LRIT conformance testing, certification, and equipment replacement services). To date, Pole Star has issued over 28,000 Certificates on behalf of over 90 Flags.

We are affiliated with one of the largest Inmarsat Point-of-Service-Activation (PSA) companies and can count most major marine electronics, shipping agents and service providers as LRIT Conformance Test and equipment resellers. We have contracts in place with all of the major Communication Service Providers and equipment manufacturers, are also technical consultants to major Communication Service Providers and provide contract-engineering services to several Inmarsat-C and Iridium hardware manufacturers. We attend and contribute to the relevant IMO COMSAR, NAV, MSC, Engineering and Working Group meetings.

Our LRIT, customer services, and technical support operations teams are staffed with multilingual staff, watch keepers and surveillance officers who can respond to urgent system issues, piracy incidents, and provide details on a Conformance Test to a port State inspector at any time or assist ship owners with any LRIT related concern.

We offer a secure, online system that allows you to initiate tests at a time convenient to your schedule. Tests normally completed and results emailed within 48 hours. In the event the test fails, the system offers easy to understand error messages and suggested corrective action.


Find out what we can do for you

As a result of our unrivalled breadth of experience, Pole Star understands the entire range of managerial, technical and financial compliance measures necessary to enable a flag to meet its international obligations.

Flags appointing Pole Star as their Data Centre provider will be supported by a professional and committed Authorised Service Provider (ASP) dedicated to the provision of the most sophisticated and technically advanced schedule of LRIT services. Pole Star personnel attend all IMO Maritime Safety Committee meetings and LRIT working groups and are well placed to monitor and implement any amendments relating to LRIT regulation.


  • Data centre management

    Data centre management

    Each DC deployment type imposes specific demands depending upon the operational focus of the DC concerned. We carefully manage these varied operational requirements and provide a service second-to-none.

  • LRIT testing & certification

    LRIT testing & certification

    Pole Star provides a reliable and easy-to-use web-based system for equipment testing, the issuance of the Conformance Test Report (certificate) on completion of a successful test, and dedicated LRIT hardware options in the event that existing onboard equipment does not meet regulatory standards. We are the Authorised Testing ASP for over 90 Governments and additionally offer our services through a global network of contracted partners.

  • Vessel registration

    Vessel registration

    As your appointed recognised ASP, we would undertake the registration of ship equipment into your Data Centre.

  • Billing management

    Billing management

    As your appointed recognised ASP, we would undertake the management of the Data Centre-to-Data Centre billing arrangements.

  • Audit management

    Audit management

    Pole Star offers management of the Data Centre annual audit conducted by the International Mobile Satellite Organisation (appointed as LRIT Coordinator).

  • On-site training

    On-site training

    We offer tailored training programmes with a member of our knowledgeable and professional LRIT team. Training can take place at your offices, or an alternative location of your choosing.

  • Performance review meetings

    Performance review meetings

    Pole Star has a comprehensive understanding of the SOLAS Chapter V 19-1 LRIT regulatory framework including the performance standards, functional requirements and technical specifications of the ASP, CSP and NDC and we offer annual performance review meetings to our Data Centre clients.

  • Security, availability and disaster recovery

    Security, availability and disaster recovery

    Our entire infrastructure is built on the N+1 redundancy principle. Even with the failure of a single piece of infrastructure, high availability is maintained.

Compatible hardware

Compatible with a wide-range of hardware

Inmarsat C equipment already installed on the majority of vessels is frequently used for LRIT compliance. Dedicated terminals based on Inmarsat M2M and Iridium can also be used. For maximum performance or where the existing onboard equipment is not suitable or a stand-alone LRIT solution is required, Pole Star recommends the installation of a dedicated LRIT terminal. Pole Star offers a LRIT equipment package, directly or through our partners. 

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