At Pole Star we develop pioneering technologies, keeping you at the forefront of maritime insight and empowering your real-world decisions.

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At Pole Star we empower your real-world decisions and mitigate risk by keeping you at the forefront of maritime insight with our pioneering, data-driven solutions.

We work with governments and businesses across the supply chain to create a transparent, secure, and compliant operating environment, while mitigating growing threats to ships, supply chains, cargo, territorial waters and, most importantly, lives within the maritime infrastructure and beyond.


We provide comprehensive data to facilitate empowered decision-making, while responding to diverse needs across the maritime world in a flexible and accessible way.

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Our Solutions

Our solutions analyse, filter, and compile complex data simply and accessibly across regulatory conformance, sanctions screening, trade compliance, tracking, monitoring, and ship security.

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Data and API

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Ship emissions reporting

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Fisheries monitoring & management

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Catch reporting

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LRIT (long-range identification and tracking)

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Who We Serve

Our products are tailored to:

Financial Markets

With the US treasury and other regulators globally focusing more extensively on maritime trade, the need to keep at pace with an increasingly complex sanctions landscape is now vital.

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Shipping & Offshore

Track, monitor, and secure vessels with our cutting-edge technologies and hardware for the maritime industry.

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Pole Star maintains a close working relationship with Governments and Flag Administrations globally, ensuring the continued success of coastal surveillance and homeland security programs.

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US Regulators Issue New Guidance to Address Illicit Shipping and Sanctions Evasion Practices

Following over a year of consultations with a broad swathe of the maritime industry, the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Treasury, and the U.S. Coast Guard have issued the long-awaited sanctions advisory for the maritime industry. The advisory reflects the U.S. government’s commitment to work with the private sector to prevent illicit shipping and sanctions evasion.

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