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A convenient, secure, and user-friendly web-based LRIT Conformance Test service allowing you to initiate an online test and review its progress any time.

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With more than 40,000 completed LRIT tests on behalf of global ship operators to date, Pole Star is the world leader in LRIT testing.

Our system manages all aspects of the test, including terminal commissioning, satellite communications network management, post-test de-commissioning, and provides detailed test results and conformance test certificates (if required).

We hold unrivalled expertise within the LRIT system, working with all major satellite equipment manufacturers, communications service providers, land earth station operators, Inmarsat and other satellite communication network providers, to ensure that the LRIT system works end-to-end.

We are a Thrane & Thrane certified partner and Inmarsat certified silver partner, attending and contributing to the relevant IMO COMSAR, NAV, MSC, Engineering and Working Group meetings.

Pole Star is an LRIT Data Centre administrator and an authorised testing ASP for over 100 Flags.

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Online testing portal

Initiate our secure online LRIT testing platform whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

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Quick results

Complete LRIT Conformance Tests, with results emailed within 48 hours and, in the event of test failure, view clear error messages and suggested corrective action.

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Live progress check

View the live status of your ship testing.

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Fleet upload

Upload your entire fleet with one click using our intuitive application after gathering your fleets information.

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Order your certificate online

Order your LRIT certificate on-demand via the online LRIT CTR portal.

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Fast track certificate

Have your Conformance Test Report Certificate issued by Pole Star within a standard processing time of 3 days, on successful completion of an LRIT Conformance Test. For urgent requirements, use our Fast Track service for it to be issued within 24 hours.

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24/7 support

Receive 24/7/365 technical support from our professional, multilingual customer support teams in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Panama, the USA.

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