Ship Tracking

Advanced, global satellite ship tracking software for real-time vessel monitoring. Combining tracking data from AIS and on-board equipment to give you reliable, accurate and timely situational awareness.

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What do you require tracking for?


What we offer, in a nutshell

Work smarter, save time and achieve your goals with our advanced, global satellite tracking software, patent-pending blended tracking technology and interactive tools and layers.

For shipowners, ship managers, charterers and fleet managers that require fleet-wide situational awareness, the Pole Star platform offers the near real-time data, actionable intelligence and global visibility needed to increase operational efficiency, enable decision making and support compliance.


Why choose Pole Star?

By combining reliable position reporting and detailed maps with accurate zones, up-to-date weather layers, interactive tools and an intuitive mobile-responsive user interface, we can offer you a complete and near real-time picture of your fleet in relation to nearby and current threats, risks and regulatory requirements.

Ensuring the safety and security of your fleet (while managing risks, maximising efficiency and satisfying regulatory, environmental and conservation requirements) requires a near real-time picture of where your ships are in relation to security threats, risks and regulatory zones.

By combining reliable position reporting, up-to-date maps, zones and accurate weather forecasts as well as automatic and interactive tools, we can offer you a complete and near real-time picture of your fleet in relation to nearby and current threats, risks and regulatory requirements.

When you need to make decisions fast, you need more than data. You need insights and intelligence that enable you to take action. With on-demand polling, automatic zone alerts, near real-time cyclone data plus accurate weather forecasts, you get fleet-wide intelligence, allowing you to make informed decisions and take action to meet ETAs or avoid high-risk areas.

Assess risk. Become more proactive. Improve performance. These are all benefits of effective planning. The Pole Star platform offers interactive tools that allow you to assess immediate and long-term risks and threats to your fleet and plan your response or routes accordingly.

With the custom report engine, you can create, download, save and share tamperproof ship movement reports for use in arbitration or as evidence of compliance with:

  • Conditions of insurance
  • Sanctions regulations
  • Environmental obligations
  • Conservation measures


Find out what we can do for you

  • Blended tracking technology

    Blended tracking technology

    Our patent-pending blended tracking technology combines position data from multiple satellite tracking services (including Inmarsat-C, IsatData Pro and AIS) into a single, seamless position track to provide you with richer, more accurate information.

  • Event notifications

    Event notifications

    You can stay connected, even when you are not logged in. Create automated alerts on entry/exit from key zones (e.g. EEZs, high risk piracy areas, etc.) and get notifications delivered to you via email and SMS.

  • Zones


    Display key industry zones (including ECAs, EEZs, high-risk areas, environmental and regulatory zones) on the map or create your own custom zones (rectangle, circular or polygon) for a near real-time picture of your fleet in relation to nearby and current threats, regional risks and regulatory requirements.

  • Weather


    With weather layers, you can display forecast meteorological conditions (up to 7 day forecast) on the interactive map, or review your planned route against forecast weather conditions. Includes a wide range of weather and environmental layers. Our high quality weather data is updated every 6 hours and provided by Tidetech.

  • Historical tracks

    Historical tracks

    Review a ship’s historical movements for analysis in a single click. Click on a ship to see its historic position track on the map (30 days of trail history).

  • Reports


    Advanced reporting engine with queries and filters allows you to download historical data in CSV format for analysis, sharing with colleagues or evidentiary purposes.

  • Maps and charts

    Maps and charts

    Big, interactive maps with features including: zoom, pan, weather, zones and distance measurement tool. Your choice of four map types including C-MAP charts, street map, hybrid map and satellite map.

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Mobile App: PSP Tracking for iOS

The app provides Pole Star Platform customers with greater working flexibility by integrating vessel tracking services from their central desktop application on smartphones and tablet devices.

With this app, we hope to continue helping our clients' operations run smoothly by delivering detailed actionable intelligence. 

On the PSP Tracking app, users can:

  • Easily log in using PSP platform credentials
  • View ships under accounts or sub-accounts on a map or in list view
  • Select a specific ship and view its movement history and details
  • Change the device's reporting frequency (with relevant permissions)
  • Choose from different map types as the base layer
  • Enable weather layers in map view
  • Display entire fleet in presentation view and mirror it on Apple TV
  • Easily view SSAS/AIS non-reporting ships on a map or list
  • Configure select features (eg. clustering, global ship trail length, vessel label) 

The app is free of charge, and available on the Apple Store under the name PSP Tracking.



Compatible hardware

Compatible with a wide-range of hardware

The platform is completely hardware agnostic. No supplier lock-in. No expensive fleet-wide hardware roll-out. A simple and consistent user experience, regardless of the device installed aboard the ship.

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The near real-time data, actionable intelligence and global visibility that you need to increase operational efficiency, enable decision-making and support compliance.

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