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Case Study: Unlock Hidden Savings with FleetWeather's Optimised Routing

Maritime operators frequently forgo potential savings by adhering to traditional “direct” routes, missing out on cost-saving opportunities when conditions allow for more efficient path optimisation. 

Through multi-year data analysis across a diverse array of voyages, Fleetweather, Pole Star's 24/7/365 team of meteorological experts, has saved 4% on average for trans-ocean voyages by optimising routes for heavy weather avoidance and optimisation of ocean currents. These savings climb to an impressive 6% for voyages during the late winter and spring seasons.  

Fleetweather's accredited marine routing experts can further optimise routes, based on their analysis of several forecast models, ensembles, and climatological data, in combination with Podium5’s powerful Route Optimisation module. This module also encompasses the powerful T-VOS AI-based tool from Theyr, and is part of Pole Star's comprehensive Podium5 platform, a uniquely flexible and configurable solution integrating fleet monitoring, regulatory compliance, performance analytics, and voyage optimization. 

Operators can unlock hidden savings in journey time, fuel consumption, and emissions - simply through smarter routing tailored to each voyage's unique circumstances.

A Traditional or Direct Route is not always Optimal

While it’s common for vessels to utilise weather routing services primarily during heavy weather conditions (such as the Northern Hemisphere winter), there are also gains to be made from applying these services during milder weather. That is, a direct route is not always the most optimal route depending on the circumstances!

Fleetweather doesn't just keep ships safe from hazardous weather. By leveraging favourable ocean currents and avoiding unfavourable ones, FleetWeather’s optimisation is able to increase the vessel’s speed over ground, saving you time, fuel, and emissions.

Case Study Highlights

Trans-Pacific Winter Routing Delivers Nearly $50,000 in Savings

During winter passages, there's room for major cost savings with optimised routing.
Explore the full case study to discover how Fleetweather guided a Panamax bulker on a trans-Pacific voyage, slashing costs by nearly $50,000. With Fleetweather’s guidance, the Panamax bulker was able to safely navigate a more aggressive northern route instead of the master's conservative southern path.

Light Weather & Strong Current Routing Offers Over $24,000 in Savings

Minimising the impact of strong currents is key to unlocking efficiency gains.
This case study reveals how Fleetweather strategically avoids strong currents, like the North Brazil Current, on voyages from the Gulf of Mexico to South America. Despite a minor distance tradeoff, this move has resulted in over $24,000 in savings for this Panamax bulker. These examples solidify Fleetweather’s expertise in route optimisation to seamlessly navigate through complex weather patterns and currents. Even in scenarios where traditional routes fall short, Fleetweather uncovers substantial cost savings compared to conventional direct routes.

Download the full case study to explore how tailored routing maximises safety and profits across a range of voyages.

Your voyage partner, supporting you 24/7/365
Now under the ownership of Pole Star, FleetWeather are our team of meteorological experts, providing expert weather routing, charter party compliance and claims guidance services to many of the world’s most notable fleets. 

Find all FleetWeather services on our Podium5 Voyage Informatics Platform - bringing together fleet monitoringregulatory complianceperformance analytics and voyage optimisation into one uniquely flexible platform.

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