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WEBINAR | A Greener Future: Implementing Sustainability Solutions in Shipping Before it's Too Late

Hosted by the British Consulate Department of International Trade (DIT Brazil), Pole Star, Vasanda, and CarbonChain discuss the impact of maritime trade on the environment, the current obstacles to implementing change, and the available solutions for mitigating sustainability risk.

The partnership

In the past year, Pole Star has formed two key partnerships to redirect the maritime trade supply chain towards more environmentally conscious decision-making. By integrating both Vasanda EcoSphere and CarbonChain’s emissions calculations into our sanctions screening and compliance platform, PurpleTRAC, Pole Star is providing customers with a 360-degree view of regulatory and sustainability risk.

Vasanda aggregates empirical environmental impact data to ascertain key risks associated with any actively traded commodity, supplier, grower, or miner. This data is then used to determine the environmental or social risks associated with a transaction and categorises them by environmental or climate impact risks, social conditions of the supply chain, and governance metrics of the supplier, producer, or miner. Similarly, CarbonChain brings emissions calculations on over 130,000 vessels to the table, providing greenhouse gas emissions data and a vessel’s environmental impact rating in comparison to their competitors.

By forming this groundbreaking collaboration and incorporating these functionalities into PurpleTRAC, the platform becomes an end-to-end solution covering the full spectrum of risks across sanctions, compliance, and sustainability in global maritime and commodities trade.

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